Can a New Spouses’ Income be used as a Determining Factor for Child Support?

Before you and your spouse finalize your decision to get a divorce, think of how the divorce may affect your children, their lives, and your finances. A divorce is not cheap and it may cause your children to be very emotional. If you and your spouse do decide that divorce is the only option, just be aware of all of the ramifications. So what happens after you and your spouse divorce and they get re-married? Child support is not an easy topic to discuss, but here is what you need to know about child support and the role of your ex-spouse’s new spouse.

If you are divorced and wondering if your ex-spouse remarrying will have any effect on determining child support, this is for you. Even if your ex-spouse is remarrying, thus gaining another source of income, the new spouse’s income can’t be used as a determining factor for child support. Only the biological parent of the child is responsible for paying child support so the addition of another income will not affect the amount or any other conditions of child support.

In conclusion, if your ex-spouse remarries their new spouses’ income will not be considered as a determining factor for child support. The amount of child support the parent pays is determined on their own income, regardless of the new spouse’s contribution.

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