Can Divorce Proceedings Be Put on Hold?

Getting a divorce is a big deal. Things may seem fairly direct when moving forward with a separation, but many times couples find out that after legally filing for a divorce, they are not ready to call it quits after all. For this reason the Florida family court system makes it fairly simple for one or both parties in divorce proceedings to halt the process and reconsider before things become final.

Depending on how far along you’ve gotten in the proceedings, placing a hold on your divorce is usually as simple as entering a motion to abate. If you are actively trying to work out the wrinkles in your marital relationship, the courts are usually more than willing to entertain a hold on the divorce action in order to help save your marriage.

How long the hold will last is decided at the presiding judge’s discretion, but in most circumstances a judge will grant a freeze on divorce proceedings lasting anywhere between three to four months. The case may be pending for up to six months. If you or your spouse fail to move forward with the case within that time frame, the court can automatically file to move the process forward and unilaterally dismiss your case (without prejudice) for failure to show up and lack of prosecution.

If you are currently in divorce proceedings and are considering alternate avenues, consult with your attorney to discuss the particulars of your case and determine whether or not placing a freeze on your divorce proceedings is a viable option.

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