Can I Handle My Divorce Case on my Own From Out of State?

If you are wondering if you can handle your divorce case on your own from out of state the answer is, it depends. It depends on many things, such as the issues in your divorce and how intense the divorce can potentially become. The process will be a little easier if it is an uncontested dissolution, if you don’t have children, and if you and your ex-spouse have mutually agreed on how to distribute your marital property.

The situation can get sticky at any point so you might want to consider speaking with an attorney. There is also a chance that your presence in court is required, or you may just be able to have a phone hearing. The way the court hearing is heard depends on the situation, just like everything else when it comes to a divorce.

You may be able to handle your divorce case on your own from out of state if the conditions are perfect, but you might want to retain an attorney to ensure that everything is fair, correct, and moving along at a good pace.

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