Can You Get Alimony Payments Reduced?

When you pay alimony, or spousal support, to your former spouse after a divorce action, you will be expected to continue paying that amount unless you can prove your financial circumstances have changed. If you want to begin paying less alimony than you currently pay, you’ll need to explain why. There are a number of reasons the court will be willing to consider a change in the amount you currently pay. For example – an involuntary loss of your job or a reduction in your hours or salary are good reasons to get your alimony amount modified. If you suffered an injury or an illness that makes working impossible, you can also have the amount reduced.

When the former spouse you are supporting with alimony payments gets remarried or even begins living with a new partner, you stand a good chance of getting your alimony payments reduced. That’s because you can make the argument that your former spouse no longer needs to rely on your income alone when it comes to providing housing, food and other basic necessities. If you can prove that your former spouse has begun making more money, you can also appeal to have your alimony payments reduced. Perhaps he or she had not been working at all at the time your support payments were calculated, and now that spouse has a full time job. You shouldn’t have to continue paying at the same level.

Contact an attorney if you have questions about your alimony payments. You should never just start paying less on your own. You’ll need a court modification in order to do that, and the best way to present your case favorably to a judge. A lawyer can help you make your case and present the documentation that will prove it.

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