Are There Different Types of Alimony?

When filing for divorce, alimony may be considered based on the financial need of the parties involved. Alimony is not the same thing as child support. It is financial assistance based on the need of one party and the ability to provide that need of the other party. What many do not know is that […]

Can You Get Alimony Payments Reduced?

When you pay alimony, or spousal support, to your former spouse after a divorce action, you will be expected to continue paying that amount unless you can prove your financial circumstances have changed. If you want to begin paying less alimony than you currently pay, you’ll need to explain why. There are a number of […]

How Do The Courts Determine Alimony?

There are a few specific items that the court looks at to determine alimony in a divorce. Some of these include the ability to pay, ability to earn, ability to self-support, standard of living during the marriage, and the length of the marriage. For the ability to pay, the court examines each spouse’s gross income […]