How Can I Get the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support to Release Hold on Tax Refund Offset for Child Support?

There is a Federal Tax Refund Offset Program that collects child support payments that are past their due date from the tax refunds of the non-custodial parent. Since its expansion in 1984, the Federal Tax Refund Offset Program works with public assistance cases and non-assistance cases. This solution is mandatory for the cases that meet […]

What Does “Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Act” Mean on Child Support Court Records?

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act was created to provide information to courts in matters concerning children to determine if the court has appropriate jurisdiction in the case. In any Florida family law case (including issues of dissolution of marriage, paternity, guardianship, custody, child support, separate maintenance, visitation, timesharing, dependency, and child neglect) […]

How do You Ask the Judge to Remove the Parent Coordinator in a Child Custody Case?

In contested family law matters, parent coordinators are assigned by the court to a case to help facilitate issues that may develop as a result of custody and child visitation arrangements. Parent coordinators are usually chosen from a pool of qualified psychologists, counselors, and members of the Bar. A parent coordinator meets with both parties […]