At the Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey we believe that children have a right to be raised in a safe environment and that parents have a right to see and care for their children. We also understand that the state of Florida takes allegations of child abuse very seriously and is committed to the protection and wellbeing of at-risk children. When it comes to claims of child abuse or neglect, it is imperative to have a skilled Dependency Attorney working by your side.

Here at the Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey, we are well-versed in Dependency cases including child abuse, child neglect, child abandonment, juvenile dependency, child protective services, and attaining temporary custody for extended family members. We strive to put your family first and to ensure that the best interests of your children are kept a priority throughout representation. Whether you are seeking guardianship, facing allegations of abuse or neglect—or filing a petition to terminate the parental rights of an abusive spouse or guardian in order to protect a child’s life, the Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey will work aggressively to ensure your rights and the rights of the child are protected in each case.