How Much Does it Cost to File for Divorce?

Wondering how much it costs to file for divorce? The answer is quite simple, although it may not be what you want to hear: it is situational. You can expect to pay attorney fees, which vary by state, course costs, which also vary, costs for parent education classes, fess for early neutral evaluations, and medication costs. These are just to name a few! If real estate is involved in your divorce you can tack on refinancing costs, record deed fees, and added hourly attorney fees.

So, it is situational. Location is another key factor in the cost to file for divorce. The rates won’t be the same in New York City as they are in some cute little country town in Iowa.

Here are some tips for keeping the costs down. First, know what you are agreeing to. Be sure you understand the financial consequences of a divorce. You can pay the attorney and court fees, but be mindful of the hidden taxes, underperforming payments and depreciating assets that can cause you financial harm.

Second, act fast. Obviously, the more time a lawyer works on a case the more expensive it is. Get in, get done, get out. Third, try to play nice. If you and you ex can come to an agreement in a timely manner you can help move your divorce along faster, which means lower attorney fees as pointed out in number two. Lastly, sign a pre-nup. Although it may not be the most romantic thing to do it can save some money if you and your spouse ever decide to divorce.

Divorces are not fun, and nor are they cheap, but they are situational so try to get all your ducks in a row so your divorce process can go by quickly to help save some money.

This post was written by David Hurvitz. Follow David on Google+.