If a Rehearing is Requested After a Final Divorce, Does That Negate a Persons Status From Single Back to Married

If a rehearing is requested after a divorce, the divorce stills stands and the person’s status remains single. If someone files for a rehearing, they are simply asking the judge to reconsider a certain aspect of the trial. The purpose of the rehearing is to allow the judge one more chance to make any changes that they believe were made in error.

In regards to the rehearing, only the allegations that are included in the motion are reviewed. The rehearing is a way of addressing the final judgment and it gives a person a chance to argue that there is something that needs to be amended, deleted, or changed in whatever way necessary.

Even though filing for a rehearing won’t change the relationship status back to married, the motion for a rehearing must be filed within ten days of entry of the final judgment.

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