Is a Wisconsin 6 Month Waiting Period After a Divorce Enforceable in Florida?

If you divorce in Wisconsin, unfortunately, you cannot remarry in any other state for six months after the divorce is final. Florida would not recognize a marriage if it takes place within the six months period and it would be considered invalid. The state of Wisconsin will never consider a marriage valid if it was not performed outside of the six months waiting period.

Although Florida and some other states do not have a waiting period, the Wisconsin law prevails and you must wait the six months after the divorce is final before your marriage can be deemed valid. There are, of course, risks one would be taking if they are to neglect to follow the six months waiting period law.

If your marriage is not considered valid, insurance fraud can become an issue. If you do not wait the six months then the insurance company can argue that your marriage is not valid and that the spouse was never be legally eligible to be covered and you can be sued to pay back the insurance company all of the money they paid out under that policy.

Even though you may want to get married before the six months waiting period is up, it is better, and definitely less risky, to just wait until that waiting period expires. This way you won’t have to worry about having an invalid marriage and you won’t have to deal with any repercussions that may follow.

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