Is it Best to Not Date Until a Divorce is Finalized?

Though there are no laws prohibiting you from dating prior to the finalization of your divorce, doing so can have unwanted consequences. Divorce proceedings can be very combative; finalizing the divorce before dating can help to keep things amicable between you and your soon-to-be ex. Consider that divorce is a major life change that will have personal, emotional, social, financial and legal ramifications on your entire family.

In an ideal world, when it comes to divorce, a couple will come to a mutual agreement to part ways; but in many states (including Florida) one spouse can unilaterally end the marriage. This can make for a contentious, bitter legal battle that most likely will only be complicated by drawing in unwelcomed third parties.

Additionally, dating prior to your divorce may be viewed as adultery and can affect your custody and parenting rights. When children are brought into the mix, the likelihood of complications exponentially rises. For young children, divorce is usually a painful and puzzling experience. Dating before the divorce is final can further serve to confuse young children and aggravate an already delicate dynamic and the courts may even serve you with an injunction prohibiting you from exposing your children to your romantic interests.

Emotions run high during a divorce and jumping into the dating pool before it is final may only add fuel to the fire. Especially when children are involved, it is in your best interest (and in the best interest of the children) to keep things familiar and friendly between you and your spouse until the divorce is final. Remember, a quick and smooth divorce will save you time and the hefty legal fees associated with long, drawn out divorce proceedings.

This post was written by David Hurvitz. Follow David on Google+.