Can a Divorce be Forced Through Without Your Consent?

Contrary to popular belief, a person can get a divorce without the consent of their spouse in virtually every state without necessarily causing a delay or complicating the proceedings. Even so, obtaining a divorce can indeed be a difficult process. Especially when they involve minor children. Florida is a no fault state, which means either […]

Looking to Get a Divorce but Live Out of the Country. Can You Get Divorced Without Physically Returning to Florida if That’s Where You Got Married?

Divorce tends to be complex. But when divorce moves across state lines or beyond international borders, things can get even more topsy-turvy. If you’re living out of the country, but your soon-to-be-ex lives in the states, you may be wondering what exactly your divorce proceedings will look like. Here’s a few key points on the […]

Can You Still Depose Witnesses Listed in an Upcoming Child Custody Trial Ahead of Time?

A child custody trial is more than a legal proceeding; it’s an emotional and potentially explosive situation with outcomes that are hard to predict. Even experienced attorneys who lead their clients through child custody cases all the time spend a lot of time preparing and learning the entire case file before they start deposing witnesses […]